About K'NEX

About K'NEX

Founded in 1992, K’NEX, a division of Smart Brands International Co., LLC, was established to make and sell what has become one of the world’s leading integrated construction systems for children, and is America’s STEM building solution. Winner of over 370 international awards and recognitions, K’NEX is focused on Building Worlds Kids Love® and encourages youngsters to “imagine, build and play.”  From the living room to the classroom, K’NEX has building toys specially designed for every age group and skill level.  The K’NEX family of brands includes K’NEX Building Sets, K’NEX Thrill Rides, K’NEX Education®, K-FORCE Build and Blast®, Beasts Alive®, Mighty Makers®, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8™, Super Mario, Plants vs. Zombies, Lincoln Logs® and Tinkertoy®, under license from Hasbro, and more.

History of K'NEX

While sitting at a crowded, noisy wedding in 1990, Joel Glickman started tinkering with some straws and began thinking about the possibilities. By 1992 this dabbling, followed by some innovative product engineering, led to the very popular rod & connector building system now known as K'NEX. As K'NEX grew, wheels, pulleys and gears were added so that kids could build vehicles, roller coasters and other innovative creations. The easy-to-follow, color-coded instructions included in every set made it easy for builders to bring their models to life. Today, K'NEX continues to introduce exciting new building with its high standards for quality and innovation. The K'NEX family of brands has expanded to include K'NEX Building Sets, K'NEX Thrill Rides, K'NEX Education, Lincoln Logs®, Tinkertoy®, Mario Kart Wii™, Mario Kart 7™, Super Mario™, Plants vs. Zombies™ and more.

American Made

K'NEX is the only construction toy company committed to American made products. K'NEX bricks, rods and connectors are manufactured in Pennsylvania at The Rodon Group®, an eco-friendly manufacturing facility. While most toys are made overseas, we are committed to manufacturing in the United States.

"Community is one of our core values, so as a company, we are proud to invest in American workers who demonstrate unparalleled commitment to innovation and some of the greatest working spirit in the industrial world," said Michael Araten, President and CEO of K'NEX.

K'NEX is an active members of American Made Matters®, whose mission is to educate consumers about buying US-made products to help strengthen the American Dream. We are proud to be a part of the local community while encouraging American entrepreneurship.

Since 1992, K'NEX has manufactured over 36 billion parts for the K'NEX building toy system in the United States.