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Maker Kit Large

Age: 6+
SKU: 78497
The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space!

  • Perfect Maker Space Solution
  • 800+ K'NEX parts in classic scale
  • 100 Building Ideas
  • Reusable Storage Bin with Dividers
  • Ages 6+
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The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space! K'NEX Education's Maker Kit Large comes with 800+ K'NEX parts, including rods and connectors in classic scale that are made in the USA; enough parts for 2-3 students to be building at the same time. 100 unique building ideas are included to spark imaginations. Once your budding makers know how to use the parts, they'll soon be able to design and create their own DIY projects. The set comes in a reusable bin with dividers, so sorting parts for organized storage is a breeze! For ages 6 and up.
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